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FICAV 2024


Commissioned work



Graphic Design

Visual identity

Designed for

Vesoul Internation Film Festival

of Asian Cinemas

Special mentions

Martine Therouanne | General Manager

Jean-Marc Therouanne | Assistant Manager

Jules Gouillon | Communication officer


Majestic Cinema

16 Rue du Dr Noël Courvoisier

Vesoul  —  France

Feb. 2024

30th Edition of the Vesoul Film Festival of Asian Cinemas.

For the 30th anniversary edition of the festival, the spotlight is on the theme of engagement in all its diverse forms and across various domains including politics, professions, ecology, religion, ideology, humanitarianism, art, feminism, and society at large. The festival will showcase two countries, with special emphasis on India and its vibrant cinema scene, particularly focusing on the filmmakers from Kerala, a southwestern state in India. This state holds a unique place as a Communist stronghold, predominantly using the Malayalam language, and boasting one of the highest literacy rates in India. The second country highlighted is Taiwan. Notable figures like Hou Hsiao-Hsien, who visited Vesoul in 2006, and Eduard Yang, along with Tsai Ming-liang, have emerged from this small yet dynamic film industry.

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