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Commissioned work



Graphic Design


Designed for

University Theater

of Franche-Comté

Special mentions

Remo Giust | General Manager

Sabrina Saïdi | Assistant Manager

Jospeh Melcore | Creative Director


Besançon  —  France


Press mention

EST Républicain

9th March 2019

Homage to Gustave Courbet, French realistic painter of the 19th century.

The University Theater of Franche-Comté is an association founded in 1986. For over 30 years, it has championed the idea that artistic practice, cultural openness, international engagement, and association involvement contribute to enriching perspectives on the world, enhancing critical thinking, and fostering thoughtful construction.

To commemorate the 200th anniversary of Gustave Courbet’s birth, the Theatre has organized a street play performed by university students in the Montrapon district of Besançon. Spectators were subsequently invited to wander through empty wooden frames, serving as open windows into the journey of a passionate, liberated, and dedicated artist.

The visual project centers around a 4-meter long canvas, incorporating segments of Courbet’s iconic paintings into the same composition. A reimagined self-portrait beckons you to explore the painter's pictorial universe.

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