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Photo © Luis Undritz | Editing © Carolina Kyvik

I am a Design Researcher with a multidisciplinary practice. After graduated in Graphic Design at Besançon (France) and in Textile Design at E.S.AA.T. (Upper School Applied Arts and Textile), I spent some times in Belgium and in Danemark where I was introduced to sustainable design methods. I decided then to work towards the development of bio-based and responsive materials, to achieve better ecological performance through the practice of Biodesign. 

In 2019, I joined the first promotion of MA Biodesign, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. During this time, my research has evolved into a cross-disciplinary practice at the intersections of science, technology, bio-fabrication and regenerative design, with a particular interest in bioremediation. 


In 2022, I joined the group of research Soft Matters, within the EnsadLab at the École des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, as a Biodesign Research assistant. Working exclusively on the ImpressioVivo project, I developed my biodesign skills in biomaterials 3D-prints as well as in microbiology and biocalcification.

As a biodesigner, my goal is to work beyond disciplinary boundaries in order to promote common sustainable issues and to provide comprehensive design proposals which can aid in tackling global problems. I believe that adopting a cross-disciplinary approach, by integrating different fields of study and a collective intelligence, will allow us to find considerate solutions.

Press mentions



Amsterdam, The Netherlands / April 2022

Men's Health Best Fashion

Berlin, Germany / March 2022


Circular Material Library

Circular Design Co. / Oct. 2021

Climate Pioneers

Climate Pioneers No. 14

Switzerland / Sept. 2021

Future Materials Bank

Jan van Eyck Academie

The Netherlands / Sept. 2021

Global Design Graduate Show

Arts Thread x GUCCI

London, UK / Sept. 2021

Isola Design District

Isola Design, online interview

Milan, Italy / July 2021

MA Biodesign 001

MA Biodesign, Central Saint Martins,

University of the Arts London 

London, UK / June 2021

Fashion Crossover London

London, UK / June 2021


UAL Showcase Portfolio

Central Saint Martins

University of the Arts London 

London, UK / June 2021

Augmented Architectures

London, UK / March 2020

Graphic &
Textile Design

NZZ Bellevue

Nov. 2022


Raum und Wohnen

Nov./Dec. edition, 2022


Moules Frites

Editions no. 1 & 2

Brussels, Belgium

August 2021-22


Oct. 2020

Film Festivals

August 2020

Asian Movie Pulse

August 2020


Edition no. 707

Lyon, France / Jan. 2020

Les Cahiers du Cinéma

Edition no. 762, p.91

Paris, France / Jan. 2020

Korean Cultural Centre

Paris, France / Jan. 2020


Zurich Design Weeks
Neue Räume 22
International Interior Design Exhibition
Zürich, Switzerland
 / Sept. 2022

Tallinn Design Festival DISAINIÖÖ
Green-Being: Way to the Future? Tallinn, Estonia / Sept. 2022

NAÏF Architecture

Introduction to Biodesign 
Brussels, Belgium / July 2022
Central Saint Martins UAL
Museum & Study Collection
London, UK / Oct. 2021

IUCN World Conservation Congress

One Nature, One Future

Maison/0 x LVMH

Marseille, France / Sept. 2021


Milan Design Week​

Category: Materialized

Milan, Italy / Sept. 2021

ICADE Tsinghua

International Conference

Tsinghua Unviversity

Beijing, China / July 2021

Paris Première Vision

Category: Fabrics

Paris, France / Feb. 2019


Arts Foundation Futures Award 2023

Nominated, Awarded by AFFA

London, UK / August 2022


Dean's Award 2021

Under (The) LineWinner

Awarded by the Deans

of Academic Programmes

Central Saint Martins, UAL 

London, UK / Sept. 2021

Global Design Graduate Show 2021

Under (The) Line: Short-listed

Awarded by Arts Thread x GUCCI

London, UK / Sept. 2021

Green Trail Award 2021

Under (The) LineShort-listed,

Highly commended

Awarded by LVMH and Maison/0

London, UK / June 2021

Jane Rapley Award 2020
Merit Scholar: Winner

Awarded by CSM, UAL

London, UK / Oct. 2020


Zig Zag Zurich
Zürich, Switzerland

Central Saint Martins UAL 

London, UK

Moules Frites
Brussels, Belgium 

International Asian Film Festival

Vesoul, France 

Théâtre Universitaire

Besançon, France 

Théâtre des Sources

Nans-s/s-Ste.-Anne, France 


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