Photo © Luis Undritz | Editing © Carolina Kyvik

I am a mutlidisciplinary design researcher. My aspiration for the biological world started with an interest for biomorphological topologies. After graduated in Graphic Design at Besançon (France) and in Textile Design at E.S.AA.T. (Upper School Applied Arts and Textile), I spent some times in Belgium and in Danemark where I was introduced to sustainable design methods. I decided then to work towards the development of bio-based and responsive materials, to achieve better ecological performance through the practice of Biodesign.

In 2019, I joined the first promotion of MA Biodesign, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. 


During this time, my research has evolved into a cross-disciplinary practice at the intersections of science, technology, bio-fabrication and regenerative design, with a particular interest in bioremediation.

As a biodesigner, my goal is to work beyond disciplinary boundaries in order to promote common sustainable issues and to provide comprehensive design proposals which can aid in tackling global problems. I believe that adopting a cross-disciplinary approach, by integrating different fields of study and a collective intelligence, will allow us to find considerate solutions.




Amsterdam, The Netherlands / April 2022

Men's Health Best Fashion

Berlin, Germany / March 2022


Circular Material Library

Circular Design Co. / Oct. 2021

Climate Pioneers

Climate Pioneers No. 14

Switzerland / Sept. 2021

Future Materials Bank

Jan van Eyck Academie

The Netherlands / Sept. 2021

Global Design Graduate Show

Arts Thread x GUCCI

London, UK / Sept. 2021

ICADE Tsinghua

International Conference

Tsinghua Unviversity

Beijing, China / July 2021

Isola Design District

Isola Design, online interview

Milan, Italy / July 2021

MA Biodesign 001

MA Biodesign, Central Saint Martins,

University of the Arts London 

London, UK / June 2021

Fashion Crossover London

London, UK / June 2021


UAL Showcase Portfolio

Central Saint Martins

University of the Arts London 

London, UK / June 2021

Augmented Architectures

London, UK / March 2020

Graphic Design

Moules Frites

Editions no. 1 & 2

Brussels, Belgium / August 2021-22


Oct. 2020

Film Festivals

August 2020

Asian Movie Pulse

August 2020


Edition no. 707

Lyon, France / Jan. 2020

Les Cahiers du Cinéma

Edition no. 762, p.91

Paris, France / Jan. 2020

Korean Cultural Centre

Paris, France / Jan. 2020


Central Saint Martins UAL

Museum & Study Collection

London, UK / Oct. 2021


Milan Design Week​

Category: Materialized

Milan, Italy / Sept. 2021

Paris Première Vision

Categroy: Fabrics

Paris, France / Feb. 2019


Dean's Award

Under (The) LineWinner

Awarded by the Deans

of Academic Programmes

Central Saint Martins, UAL 

London, UK / Sept. 2021

Global Design Graduate Show

Under (The) Line: Short-listed

Awarded by Arts Thread x GUCCI

London, UK / Sept. 2021

Green Trail Award

Under (The) LineShort-listed,

Highly commended

Awarded by LVMH and Maison/0

London, UK / June 2021

Jane Rapley Award
Merit Scholar: Winner

Awarded by CSM, UAL

London, UK / Oct. 2020


Zig Zag Zurich
Zürich, Switzerland

Central Saint Martins UAL 

London, UK


Moules Frites

Brussels, Belgium 

International Asian Film Festival

Vesoul, France 

Théâtre Universitaire

Besançon, France 

Théâtre des Sources

Nans-s/s-Ste.-Anne, France