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Graphic Design

Editorial Design

Written by

Marie-Jeanne Burthey


Printed on

Inside pages: 120gsm

Cover: 350gsm

Special mention

Marie-Édith Burthey | Photograph

Claire Burthey | Proofreader

Nov. 2021  —  March 2022

Biography of Marie-Jeanne B.

This biography is the result of nearly fifteen years of writing by my grandmother, Mya. This editorial project was born at the end of 2021. After several repeated periods of lockdown, I wanted to surprise her by grouping the majority of her texts within a single book. A way for me to keep her story alive while paying tribute to her. Welcome in 420 pages of memories.

Printed at ESAT Imprim'services, Lille (March 2022). Inside pages: 120gsm, cover:350gsm with hot gilding. Edition of 416 pages with two A3 inserts in each book.

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