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FICAV 2023


Commissioned work



Graphic Design

Visual identity

Designed for

Vesoul Internation Film Festival

of Asian Cinemas

Special mentions

Martine Therouanne | General Manager

Jean-Marc Therouanne | Assistant Manager

Jules Gouillon | Communication officer


Majestic Cinema

16 Rue du Dr Noël Courvoisier

Vesoul  —  France

Feb.  —  March 2023

29th Edition of the Vesoul Film Festival of Asian Cinemas.

In its 29th edition, the Vesoul Film Festival of Asian Cinemas presents films by Asian filmmakers who are living in exile in a country other than their own. Additionally, the festival features movies by directors who have spent several generations in the host country of their ancestors, while also exploring themes of identity rooted in a dual culture.

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