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Textile Design

Screen-printing | Dyeing | Devore | Flocking

Carried out at

DSAA Textile Design



Marianne Bernecker | Course Founder-Leader

Laurent Schavey | Course Founder-Leader

Hervé Crespel | Course Founder-Leader 

Solange Thiry | Senior Lecturer 

Roubaix  —  France


Canon D3100 camera 

Plateau des Mille Étangs  — France

2017  —  2018

Translate magic into matter.

Throughout the ages, Nature has frequently been a realm of enigmatic phenomena. In ancient as well as more contemporary folklore, elements of mythology have taken root within this natural environment. Brimming with magic, mystery, and astonishment, it has served as a stage for the most fantastical tales.

Drawing from this aura of mysticism, I have crafted a series of photographs that capture these enigmatic universes. Stemming from these natural phenomena, I have crafted an array of textiles that weave together various textures and patterns. By forging a visual and textural connection between textiles and landscapes, the fabric at times emulates the fluidity of water, the mistiness of fog, the serenity of snow, or the enchantment of magic.


Devore on polyester | Flocked pattern on jersey | Format: 50 cm x 1 m.


Infused dye on cotton | Format: 40 cm x 40 cm.


Screen-printing on muslin | Devore on polyester | Dye on muslin | Format: 50 cm x 30 cm.


Screen-printing and flocked pattern on non-woven felt, velvet, muslin and tulle | Format: 50 cm x 30 cm.

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