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Commissioned work



Graphic Design

Illustration | Comics

Designed for

Moules-Frites la revue


Special mentions

Juliette Parrinello | Co-Founder

Hanna Breuil | Co-Founder

Brussels  —  Belgium


Press mention

Moules Frites, Edition no. 1

Development  —  October 2020

Publication  —  August 2021


Pic 1 | The importance of words against ills.

Pics 2 & 3 | The right to bother, the debate. 

Pic 4 |  —  Hey, what do you think about the right to bother?

Pic 5 |  —  Well, I don't know... Do I often ask you if I’m allowed to piss you off?

Pic 6 |  —  Here we are. Right in the exaggeration...

Pic 7 |  —  So what? We’re not allowed to talk to women anymore?

Pic 8 |  —  We're getting castrated. Soon there’ll be nothing but Femen and pussies!

Pic 9 | Driiiiing!

Pic 10 |  —  Good afternoon. I'm Guillaume from the VITRAX Company. What would you think about replacing all the windows of your residence? Free quote, of course. When would you be...

Pic 11 |  — And you, aren’t you tired of calling me at home?! It's a personal number, a private line!

Pic 12 | CLACK!

Pic 13 |  —  Bha, what’s the matter with him?   —  He just got bothered.

Pic 14 | To bother ≠ talking to you. Definition: to disturb, to tire someone by intervening improperly, to annoy by inappropriate behaviour. Synonyms: to annoy, to discomfort, to harass.

Pic 15 | To respect ≠ lack of virility. Definiton: To treat someone with respect, to behave with decency. Synonyms: to consider, to estimate, to spare someone. *French dictionary definitions.

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