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FICAV 2021-2022


Commissioned work



Graphic Design

Visual identity

Designed for

Vesoul Internation Film Festival

of Asian Cinemas

Special mentions

Martine Therouanne | General Manager

Jean-Marc Therouanne | Assistant Manager

Marc Haaz | Creative Director


Majestic Cinema

16 Rue du Dr Noël Courvoisier

Vesoul  —  France



Press mentions

Film Festival

Asian Movie Pulse


Jan.  —  Feb. 2021

Feb. 2022

27th and 28th Editions of the Vesoul Film Festival of Asian Cinemas.

Created in 1995, this Festival promote all the cinematography of the Asian continent, the dialogue between cultures and the discovery of the Other through the cinema. 

For the 27th and 28th editions of the Festival, one of the main sections to showcase was focused on Central Asia countries (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Afghanistan). In this region, there is a strong presence of identity signs, such as emblematic headdresses that women and men wear, geometric and floral patterns that adorn their fabrics, traditional architecture of minarets and mosques, singular mountainous landscapes, but also vast stretches traveled by trains where herds of wild and domesticated horses graze. It is through all these elements that the poster and the visual identity have gradually been built.


So while you are waiting to go there, here is a little glimpse of the panorama you will be able to see.

21x29,7 - avec texte_v3.jpg
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