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FICAV 2020


Commissioned work



Graphic Design

Visual identity

Designed for

Vesoul Internation Film Festival

of Asian Cinemas

Special mentions

Martine Therouanne | General Manager

Jean-Marc Therouanne | Assistant Manager

Bastian Meiresonne | Creative Director


Majestic Cinema

16 Rue du Dr Noël Courvoisier

Opening Ceremony of the 24th

Busan International Film Festival

Busan  — South Korea 

Vesoul  —  France

Press mentions

POSITIF Magazine

Les Cahiers du Cinéma

Korean Cultural Centre

Jan.  —  Feb. 2020

26th Edition of the Vesoul Film Festival of Asian Cinemas "Liberty, Equality, Creativity"  


Created in 1995, this Festival promote all the cinematography of the Asian continent, the dialogue between cultures and the discovery of the Other through the cinema. 

From Indian provinces to the cherry trees of Tokyo, from Jerusalem to Beijing, the various films proposed for this 26th edition made the 32,000 spectators travel to the distant Tibetan lands, following the footsteps of Alexandra David Neel. 


Tibet, the main theme of 2020, first appears in the poster. By taking inspiration from the thangkas, representations from the Tibetan Buddhist culture, the different collages evolve and take place on the bank of the Indus River.

Photographs © Marie-Édith Burthey and Jean-François Maillot. 

DSC_6982 (1).JPG

Vesoul, France  —  January 2020.

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