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Fine Arts

Patchwork | Laser-engraving | Papier mâché

Carried out at

DSAA Textile Design



Marianne Bernecker | Course Founder-Leader

Laurent Schavey | Course Founder-Leader

Hervé Crespel | Course Founder-Leader 

Solange Thiry | Senior Lecturer



Celine Cornu

Suzanne Hamon

Margaux Gonzalez

Sarah Michel

Mélanie Corler

Roubaix  —  France

  —  2018

Body's memory : reminiscence of

a distant past still alive. 

What is in our underground conscience? This project guided my research when I was student in DSAA, writing my master's thesis. The main issue was to highlight a universal collective unconscious taking shape in Nature. Memory has long been a source of questions. It can simply be defined as the consciousness of the past. Whether it is individual memory or collective memory, it seems to play a major role in the individual’s identity, whether that identity is personal or shared. 


As this project progressed, the notions of connexion and sociability emerged. Group's belonging has been, and is still, a key element on our self-construction. It is fundamentally committed to community. Between origins and instincts, I wanted to reveal this invisible link and this primitive spirituality through different materialities. 

This invitation to introspection, through the materiality of a stigma or the allegory of an echo,  must be connected to the Platonic theory of reminiscence. "Everyone has the knowledge itself, just remember them. Knowledge is inherent in man, not outside. Wisdom is learning to recollect."  Socrate, 5th century BC. 


Patchwork made of fur, leather, wool and satin Format: 70 cm x 70 cm.

Laser cutting on fur Format: 60 cm x 20 cm.


With the participation of Céline Cornu, Suzanne Hamon, Sarah Michel and Margaux Gonzalez.

gif-masques copie.gif

Masks made of papier-mâché Format: 10 cm x 20 cm.

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