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Circular economy | Material innovation

Carried out at

MA Biodesign

Central Saint Martins

University of the Arts London

Material Design Lab  

—   KEA School of Design

and Technology

Biologigaragen Lab

Conducted with 

Margot Massenet


Nancy Diniz | Course Leader

MA Biodesign

Carole Collet | Professor in Design for Sustainable Futures 

Alice Taylor | Lecturer of Biology and Living Systems

Shem Johnson | Grow Lab Specialist Technician

Special mentions

Zoë Powell | KEA Guest Speaker

Channel Vestergaard | Little Pink Maker Founder


London  —  UK

Copenhagen  —  Denmark


March  —  Nov. 2019

Fostering a Circular Economy through the Utilization of Food Waste and Green Waste for Material innovation: Leveraging Waste for Greater Sustainability.

Globally, an astonishing 1.3 trillion tonnes of food waste are generated annually. It is high time to recognize these discarded resources as valuable eco-assets ripe for innovative repurposing. Bio-based materials find applications in diverse areas such as packaging, food wrapping, and insulation. In doing so, a wide spectrum of raw materials with varying properties contributes to cultivating a circular economy, effectively upcycling our local waste.

This research reveals that, within a month of exposure to natural surroundings, 50% of the biomaterials developed during this project undergo biodegradation.



Food waste collection.


Biodegradation tests on 28 days.

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